What is Google’s Golden Rule?

As being a full-time webmaster and site owner, figuring out just what Google and bing has been the most challenging part of running an online business. To most webmasters Google is the eight ton elephant in the room and you simply only have two options: disappointed the elephant and get trampled or quickly find out what it enjoys to consume trying to feed it. נועם קוריס

In order to keep Google given, webmasters have to leap through more than one pair of hoops. When it comes to getting top rankings in Google’s Index or SERPs, there are 200 of these nets or ranking factors. And if you need to play in Google’s ballpark, you have to try and grasp the majority of them. 

For years, frustrated website owners have been guessing and searching for these positioning factors. Asking what will Google want? How does indeed Google rank pages and keywords? How does Yahoo want you to build your site?

Ten years ago it wouldn’t have mattered what Google thought of your site because of it wasn’t even in the style, but now when it comes to online search, Google is california king of the hill. And as we all believe, kings get whatever they need.

Besides, any webmaster worth his sodium, knows Google is what counts when it comes to organic and natural traffic; you can perform #1 spots for a keyword in all three top search motors (Yahoo and MSN being the other two lightweight contenders) but Google will simply deliver the most visitors your site.

Yahoo doesn’t as yet have a monopoly on web search, but it’s getting near 70% of Circumstance. S. traffic in addition to some countries it’s up over 90%. But it is not only the search numbers making Google ruler — it’s the prestige and power of the Yahoo brand name. Google has truly permeated into popular culture and the general public psyche like no other brand name of all time.

Google brings value and trust into the equation. Internet users respect and trust Google to give them a quality response to their question. That’s why it was rather satrical, that for years website owners have been asking Yahoo about their ranking system, their algorithm, their techniques… for years Google continued to be for the most part silent. This was mainly to keep at clean, those who would like to “game” the system to acquire high rankings within Google.

Until now that is, maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it appear that Google is suddenly opening about their whole ranking procedures and what they expect from webmasters. Maybe the answers have always been there, we just couldn’t find them. Yet , a more likely scenario is the fact someone high up within Google made the decision to be more transparent with it comes to webmasters and exactly how much they would tell them.

Current Webmaster live félin, Googlers Matt Cutts, Maile Ohye, among others… have been honestly answering questions about what Google requires webmasters to do regarding their sites. These are generally QUESTION AND ANSWER sessions dealing with the “burning questions” webmasters have had for years regarding Google and what Look online wants. Browse in Yahoo for “Google Webmaster Support | Google Groups” and you will find these sessions.

Since I run several modest sites on webmaster tools and Net marketing I am acknowledged by many people who want me to help these groups build their online site or business. One of the major problems that always comes up somewhere at the same time (usually phrased in several ways) is this question:

What will Google want? What will Google expect of my site? How can i get graded high in Google?

Primarily because my chief goal is to help these webmasters understand Google better in order to build a profitable site; I actually have struggled and worried over this question for years.

What is Google’s Golden Rule?

Many experts still find it related to relevance – the key to getting high rankings is how relevant your articles is to the question being asked? Maybe so, however in order to make clear it to a present webmaster, I had developed to find the words that would most appropriately sum up Google’s prime directive?

Following you go through all the SEO checkmarks, consider the quality and originality is a valuable of your content, factor in the credibility and authority of your site and backlinks, and factor in the relevancy concern… this was the simple Google Golden Rule My spouse and i came up with:

“Always think of your traveler first when creating any content for your site. inches

This may or might not exactly be what Yahoo is expecting but all indications are pointing in the direction of the “visitor’s experience” and how good you and your content make that experience? Google is serving up an item, it wants the user with their product to be happy with the results. If they’re happy, Google is happy. Of course, if everybody’s happy then the empire grows.

Still anything as easy and as complicated as getting top ranks in Google cannot be hard boiled down to a solitary catch-phrase. You must do your homework and a good starting point would be to thoroughly read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Learning and listening to the
latest Google webmaster talks may also prove beneficial and helpful.

However, there are still those two hundred hoops you have to jump through and you simply must be extremely careful of how you build your site if you’re seeking to please Google. Listen closely when the king echoes. Observe his rules. End up being on your guard, and it helps to become simply a little
paranoid. And always, always remember, an elephant never forgets.

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