Upgrade Paths for Oracle 9i Certified Professional Administrators

Oracle 10G was released in 2004 and Oracle 11G in 2007. The average time between releases for Oracle is a lttle bit over three years, so Oracle 12c is already past due. Yet , there are still a number of Oracle Certified Database Administrators that contain not upgraded their 9i certification. Keeping your Oracle certifications up-to-date helps to keep your awareness about the current capacities of the Oracle database, and it also helps to keep your skills relevant. IT specialists which experts claim not continually add to their knowledge as technology changes will soon find that they have been left out. 1z0-061 dumps

As a general rule, having an Oracle recognition on your resume contributes to your value. I’ve noticed in my own career that this is the case. However, a resume with very old certifications can give a bad impression. Additionally to my Oracle certifications, I actually is a Certified Netware Engineer (you can suppose how old that is) and a long-since out of date Microsoft Certified Systems Manufacture. I no longer screen either of these certification on my resume or LinkedIn page. Neither has any relevance to this computing environment. Keeping them on my resume offers the impression that We are unaware of that. Once Oracle releases 12c, having 9i as the most recent Oracle recognition on your resume may produce more negative results than positive ones.

That said, Need to assume that almost all of the people scanning this article are both 9i certified and are make an effort to considering upgrading. When improving from 9i, one of the biggest questions is actually to first update to 10G and then to 11G, or to upgrade right to 11G. The two upgrade paths available are:

Upgrade in steps:

1Z0-040: Oracle Database 10g: News for Administrators
1Z0_050: Oracle Database 11g: Fresh Features for Administrators
Up grade directly:

1Z0-055: Oracle Repository 11g: News for 9i OCPs
You will discover advantages and disadvantages to each option. The good qualities and cons of upgrading in steps are:


It doubles the expense of the exams.
It increases the price tag on the research materials.
This doubles the quantity of time likely to spend studying.
Oracle 10G is eight years old and the number of companies using it is declining rather than increasing.

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