Tobacco Related Legislation

The us government and the governments in most 50 claims and in the Region of Columbia performing everything possible to legislate all of us into becoming a smoke cigars free nation.

There are regulations and laws all over the place for insuring a smoke cigars free environment. Some of these laws simply minimize smoking to an assigned area and many of these laws and regulations prohibit smoking in almost every public venue…. including outdoor events. 

If the legislation doesn’t work the governments have another plan. They will simply taxes tobacco products so much that folks will no much longer be able to find the money for to buy the products. All 50 states and the District of Columbia impose an excise taxes on tobacco products. The taxation rate varies broadly. In New Jersey, for example, the excise taxes on a single package deal of any nicotine products is $2. 75 (at this writing) but in South Caroline the bar tax is merely 7cents.

The laws against selling cigarettes and tobacco products to minors are laws that even three-pack-a-day smokers concur with. The younger generation don’t have the experience or the insight to make good judgments although they are certainly given enough information in school about the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes use.

We don’t allow minors to buy alcoholic beverages and after this we don’t allow them to get tobacco and tobacco products. The regulations vary some from point out to state and the enforcement of the regulations varies even more from state to state.

“Minors” is generally defined by most states as a person under the era of 18 years. Birmingham, al, Alaska, New Jersey, and Utah define “minor” as a person under era 19 years.

In forty-five of the 50 says minors are held in charge of tobacco related offences and are penalized (usually by means of community service).

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