The Secrets to a Perfect Salon Or Spa Marketing Plan

Basically there are a few things to consider.

First of all there are FOUR areas to consider.

1. How to attract NEW clients.

payment payments on your Just how to get clients coming back more frequently. med spa marketing

3. How to get clients spending EXTRA.

4. How to get clients referring MORE people.

These are the 4 things you need to pay attention to.

And for every single you desire a PARTICULAR, measurable SYSTEM that brings you CONISTENT results and RETURN. 

And for every PROGRAM, you will use different types of media.

You may use newspaper advertising, direct mail, email, websites, flyers, joint venture, the telephone etc, etc…

Nevertheless BEFORE you can even think about your system you need to know Just who you want to attract…
Otherwise it can tantamount to playing ‘Blind Archery’…

On top of that for MEGA EXPANSION you need to get very, very clear about yor ‘numbers’.

The real truth is that your ultimate beauty salon busines success is all about QUANTITIES.

Just how much does it cost to attract a brand new beauty shop client, how much will it cost to get a referral, how much is an
AVERAGE consumer worth to you in profit.

Once you UNDERSTAND your numbers you can annihilate your competition and know with certainty what media you can use and just how many clients you are going to attract monthly…

Have a look through my other posts for more details about these topics.

And here’s a BIG IDEA.

Most salon and spa owners and entrepreneurs generally do things one at a time…

One thing in may, one thing next month etc, and so forth

The skeletal system key to DRAMATIC expansion is to do ALMOST EVERYTHING simultaneously.

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