Seven Action Movies You Might Have Missed

Should you be a fan of any genre of films, you do your best to see every single film that you can. In many ways, it’s as if you’re treating each film like a connoisseur would any object of love, which is certainly the case for fans of action movies. 123movies

There is something very intoxicating about action films because they tend to be what they are without the nonsense or random bits fastened. Sure, you could state that plots can be contrived & there may be to some extent ludicrous love stories added for the sake of attracting a wider audience. But an action movie made as purely a task movie is something spectacular to behold. 

The issue that any movie buff incurs, though, is being able to go away enough to watch every single movie they want at any given time. Between work & home, it can be hard to eek out a tiny window of time that allows for a responsible pleasure as an awesome action movie.

When you’ve recently been busy “adulting”, here are seven action movies that may have just recently been away from your radar:

“Leap! ” – Called “Ballerina” in foreign release, this movie is an living adventure that is actually tailored more towards children. It’s a sweet account about a little women’s love of ballet placed in the late 19th 100 years. Though the anticipated audience is younger viewers, there actually are some very well-executed action sequences throughout the movie; plus, you can bring the whole family along just for this one!

“Dunkirk” – Though positioned as a historical drama, this movie presents an attire cast & tells the story of the Dunkirk evacuation in World Conflict II. With purposefully light dialogue & attention paid toward the visual experience (not to mention an astounding score), “Dunkirk” has already been included just as one entry into the greatest war films of all-time.

“Logan Lucky” – Perhaps a show doing more towards wedding caterers to a specific audience, “Logan Lucky” tells the story of some down-and-out folks deciding to “stick it for the Man” with an epic inside-job thievery during a NASCAR event. Most marketing has aimed at the comedic chops of the actors, but action fans will love what they see.

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” – Take one part disgraced bodyguard, one part hitman-turned-informant, a light dusting of kidnapping, a few twists for plot, and you’ve got yourself the basic formula for an action-filled romp in this comedy-action movie.

“Baby Driver” – Imagine if your task was driving the holiday car after major criminal offenses for some nice income. Now, complicate that job with a love interest, more than your reasonable share of sociopaths, tuning in to music to block out physical & psychological pain, and boy, do you have a besides associated with an action movie here!

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