Piano Keyboards and How to Use Them

When ever most people look at a piano keyboard, they get a sea of dark and white keys. They will can’t understand how someone can sit down at this confusing blend of notes and create music.

Of course they aren’t! They haven’t learned how to think about the piano key pad so that it all makes sense. All they really need to do is realize how to see it like the pros do. And pros see the piano keyboard as machines and chords. electronics repair shop

All you really need to know to get started on out is to learn chords and which it. Just think of the guitar player as an analogy. They get started to make sense with their instrument rather quickly. Why? Since they are taught chords from the beginning. They will learn to play the 3 most important chords in any Key instantly and commence to make music. They get started to look at the guitar fretboard as more advanced player’s do – as a way to produce music through chords.

Then they learn how to ring finger a scale and the guitar fretboard no much longer seems a mystery but an acoustic terrain to be mastered.

The same principles apply to the piano. After you have a few chords through your belt and can play the size (much simpler for pianists than guitarists) you will get started to see the piano keyboard in a new way.

For occasion, I’m a huge fan of something called the available position chord. It protects more than two octaves of the piano computer keyboard and gives the starting player a contemporary sound right away. Once students get started playing it, they soon discover that they can easily make music just like their guitar performing counterparts!

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