MRS 2000 Review – Does Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Really Work?

Most everyone knows that food, water and oxygen are essential elements of health, but very few are aware that magnetic resonance stimulation (MRS), which is also called pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), are essential and essential for survival. In truth both the Russian and U. S. space programs use MRS in every space and shuttle kick off. Also, several zero field studies have been proved on the planet that validate the need for MRS. Valkee Human Charger Coupon

Consequently why is it that most individuals have not heard of MRS (or PEMF) therapy? Part of the answer is that we take it with no consideration that the earth provides us with natural pulsed magnetic frequencies (sometimes known to as the Schumann resonant frequencies) through the very nature of living on earth, we are consistently immersed in the earth’s natural fields. Merely like a fish in water doesn’t realize it requires water until it is applied for, the realization of the essential importance of MRS had not been truly shared until man went away into space.

It may well seem to be puzzling why this technology is merely now becoming broadly accepted and extensively used in the alternative remedy community considering that pulsed magnetic fields are so essential for health.

The reason for the recent popularity in MRS is threefold. First, we are simply not getting enough of the good ground based frequencies. This is partly due to the statistic that the standard modern person spends 90% of his or her time indoors isolated and covered (at least partially) from this healthy earth structured pulsed magnetic fields. As well the condition is compounded by the fact that we wear rubber shoes, drive in metal cars with silicone tires, travel in material trains and planes and work, live and play in structures made of concrete and steel. These kinds of artificial structures create a shielding effect that reduces the magnetic resonance that the human metabolism so vitally depends on.

An additional for the recent rise in demand for MRS is usually that the earth’s magnetic field has been sharply decreasing in the last 100-300 years. In fact, the magnetic power of the planet earth is merely about fifty percent of what was three hundred years ago. This drop is most likely the result of our planet moving through a polar change (in the next 2050 years according to some experts).

Another and last reason PEMF is so essential and needed in our current times is that we are being continually bombarded by harmful and unnatural pulsed electromagnetic fields from cell mobile phones, computers, microwaves, televisions, and so forth.

Fortunately, there exists a solution to this magnetic deficiency affliction. The MRS 2000 is the only earth structured PEMF device that offers the consumer a relaxing bathroom in natural earth structured pulsed magnetic fields.

The MRS 2000 works at the cellular level and acts such as a “whole body battery recharger”. This is a simple explanation for a complex process, but its essentially correct.

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