Learn to Change a Car Battery

Car batteries are essential for your vehicle as is actually used to provide electric power throughout the car. Seeing that they are also used for quite a long time, you must expect the need to change the car battery in your vehicle because of it to continue to run. mobile car service

If perhaps you need to swap out your car battery, you must know the procedures how to change it. The good news is there are only several techniques you need to know like removing its cords and clamps, cleaning the battery and inserting the new battery back. Consequently, it can be easy to change a car battery so you’ll not be intimidated with it. 

Apart from just knowing the procedures, it’s also essential that you can know other procedures that will help you in changing your car batteries. They are factors that you need to consider to be sure you’ll change them without the issues in conditions of safety or damages.

Locating the electric battery

Typically, you’ll know that it is the power supply when you see the black and red ports. These are useful because you need to note that terminal ports also play an important role in removing the cables. Quite simply, removing and re-attaching their cables will rely upon these ports. When removing, you must detach the cords linked to the negative terminal first and then remove the positive one. When re-attaching the cords, hook up the positive first followed by the negative ones. You must also be ready to understand that some cars have battery covers, so these ports may well not be noticeable. If you look at your vehicle and these ports are not obvious, chances are they’re covered under a battery cover.


Safety is very important when you change car battery. This is essential since accidents may occur if you’re not careful in changing the battery. One of the important things to keep in mind is to not change the power supply when the engine continues to be running. Turn it off just before doing anything at all under the hood.

In relation to cables, easy methods to said earlier to remove the port cables in order. Take away the negative cable connection first and then the positive while doing the reverse procedure when affixing the cable back. Certainly not following this accordingly can cause a short-circuit, injuries and even electrical jolts.

Tools to use

Generally there are several tools you need to use when you are going to improve car battery. First of all, you will desire a wrench to loosen the nuts or bolts that hook up the cable. This kind of will allow you to eliminate the cable after being unlocked from the dock. Additionally, you also need to have wire tooth brushes and baking soda answer to remove any corroded areas. Remember that corrosion will always occur when not removed which means you better clean it before installing the replacement battery.

In a nutshell, these important details are things you must learn when you change an automobile battery. This will keep you safe just as you do the procedure while helping you execute them in an easier way.

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