How the Internet and MP3 Downloading Has Affected the DJ And How the DJ Can Still Survive

The pre-internet DJ use to be the “go to” person for folks looking for “that” song or music by that elusive puzzle artist or well known artist with a hard to find new or old recording. The DISC JOCKEY was the authority when it came to showing new music with the masses whether at a party, at a membership, or even on the radio. When a person needed a new “mix” tape or CD to listen to while running or driving etc, having a DJ as a buddy or acquaintance was a foot in the door to getting good music or maybe finding out what artist was doing what. The DJ was always the one who looked to buy or come by the most music titles even if they were not all to their own liking, it was kind of the DJ’s responsibility of types to have the music needed to entertain throngs of all types. In the event that you go back to the early NYC hip hop block parties the DJ would serve up bits & pieces of songs from all makes and as long as the rythm was odd the crowds would boogie, there was no need for the songs to be in mainstream a radio station rotation in order to entertain the crowd. The individuals use to trust the DJ to serve them plan cool fresh tones & take them on a journey where they may discover music that they may never acquired heard before or got usage of. promo

The internet along with free mp3 downloading it & music piracy has made almost any tune available to anyone with a web connection and a hard drive to store it on. An average is able to build up a massive mp3 music selection just as big, or bigger than the deejays themselves. The web has replaced the DJ as the go to location to find the music & rather than the people requiring the DJ to source the mix tapes or CD’s they are instead in a position to just download & burn as many different play lists as they want. In some instances, events that would recently had a live DISC JOCKEY, have opted to instead use an iPod connected to a sound system.

The present state of the music business offers DJ’s the challenge of further proving their value to the crowds and even internet users. Probably one of the better ways deejays can show their worth & skills is to develop Remixes of songs that will offer the people a different outlook on the DJ’s skills leaning more toward as an artist their personal than being simply a music provider. DJ’s can also become music producers, using their love of great songs to help performers create new great tracks. Mash-up mixes have become popular which are an extra spin on DISC JOCKEY blends/ song mixes of the past. The DISC JOCKEY should no longer count on being needed as a mobile Jukebox and sound system provider and try to offer further musical services which is unique to them. They have to give attention to personality & having characteristics that cannot be replace by technology alone. This kind of will maintain your Deejay relevant into the future as more & more changes occur with the music business as a total.

The internet does offer many advantages to the deejays as well so that it is easier for them to accumulate the large music libraries just as easily as the non deejays. The popularity of internet radio also gives mixture show & club style deejays to expand their reach out with their local area sharing their own mixes worldwide. This kind of Is extra helpful to deejays in specialty/underground makes as they may get a far away arranging after being heard on an internet radio combine show or on a social networking website with musician options.

The Deejay must just make an effort to learn how to use all the new outlets as new promotional opportunity while aiming to be that much better with their blends and services offered.

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