How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?

With growing concerns of level of privacy many people want to know how to remove all of their information from Facebook and leave. The response lays in just one URL on Facebook, but there maybe a little preparation to do first with other sites and if you need to maintain your information you have placed in it. video download extensions for chrome

First a little prep

Think about what information you might want to carry on your own machine before removing you account. 

Think about your friends? You may have built up quite a few of friends that you have made during your Facebook or myspace experience; of course your only ways of staying in touch with them is probably through Facebook. For all those you want to keep up with later, let them really know what you aim to do and work out an alternative method of staying in touch. This kind of could be by email, a chat or online video program or indeed another social network, there are many alternatives.

What about your photos? Photos that you may have published by phone to Facebook or myspace may in fact be the only copy of the photographs that you have. Work out what you would like to keep and down load those to your hard drive or place them on another online image storage space site, again there are many to choose from.

What about your improvements and conversations? You may have some really motivating or interesting conversations that you want to keep. Look through your wall structure to see what is there that you wouldn’t like to lose. Conversations can be copied by using a display screen capture program or perhaps chosen in your browser and saved on your own machine.

Consider by using a Facebook . com Archive application

If you have been an energetic part of Facebook for some time you might have information and stories up there that you would like to keep. You will discover applications on the Net that will take the information stored on Fb and download it on your hard drive. If you wish to keep as much as possible, browse for ‘Facebook archive’ and discover which applications or browser addons will do what you want. Just ensure you test them fully to verify if they have stored everything you want to keep.

Additional Sites You make use of With Facebook . com Connect Logins

Facebook Hook up is just one way of logging into various sites around the web by utilizing your Facebook details. Sites like Digg, Vimeo, CNET, FamilyLink for example use this method and if you delete your before changing your method of login at the sites the you can find it inconvenient, you would probably need to either contact them one by one or build a new account. You should spend a bit of time and look around at what sites you log into using this method and alter them. Set up a new sign in method on each site, usually just username and password then log away and ensure you can get back using the new method. The more you use the Net the more frustrating this can be but this could be an opportunity so that you can gather all of your login information in concert and put them in a safe place.

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