Herpes Transmission – How Does One Avoid Getting The Herpes Virus?

The herpes virus transmission can occur in various ways. The two most common ways are by kissing and by vaginal intercourse, however, it doesn’t stop there. Performance Transmissions

Once you think of love-making, do you think about all kinds of sexual intercourse and sexual activity that you can engage in? Are you aware that it can be sent by skin-to-skin contact as well? Did you know that it is possible self-infect? In order to take necessary precaution to shield yourself and your cherished ones, you need to be fully aware of the ways you can transmit this disease.

Since explained before, the transmitting of herpes can happen in numerous ways. It can even be transmitted when you’re not suffering from symptoms. In some circumstances, symptoms can be so mild, that each moves unnoticed. In other situations, the symptoms are observed, although not recognized as a herpes outbreak. 

If you are a carrier of the virus, whether common or genital, it is important to remember that herpes transmission can happen even when there is no obvious outbreak. Because a general rule, it is best to avoid skin-to-skin contact with someone when lesions are present. Take necessary precaution between outbreaks as well to keep the virus from spreading. For instance, if you provide an obvious cool sore, avoid kissing someone, especially children, because of their weaker immune systems. Make sure take precaution is by by using a condom during intercourse between outbreaks.

The transmission of herpes is rapidly growing. Each year, it is estimated that another million people in the usa become carriers of the virus. This is mainly because the symptoms go untreated. There are numerous ways to manage your episodes, including some natural relevant treatments that can be used safely, with no side effects that can be from some pharmaceutical drugs.

Herpes transmission can also occur by pressing an afflicted area and then touching an not affected area. Yes, you can self-infect another part of your body. Be sure to wash both hands carefully after coming in contact with sores. This moves for anybody. In case you usually are sanitizing your hands, you can infect anyone around, especially kids. If you have children, be extremely cautious. Avoid touching their eyes, or face, because they could contract not only oral herpes, but ocular herpes as well.

As was mentioned previously, the transmission of the herpes virus, when mentioning genital the herpes virus, goes further than oral intercourse. Performing oral gender on your partner can transmit the illness. This means that a person can contract oral herpes from someone that has penile herpes. On the reverse side, if your spouse is a carrier of oral herpes virus and performs blow careers on you, then you can obtain genital herpes simplex virus pictures. Engaging in anal sex can also distributed the virus, leading to lesions on the bottom and anus. One other way that it can be sent is by masturbation. In the event you touch your spouse and then touch yourself, you can contract penile herpes as well.

Various ways to contract the disease are endless. In the event that you knowingly take the virus, then it’s your work to be educated on herpes transmission. It is your duty to protect those with you, and it is important to protect yourself. If you undergo from herpes at all, it is important to keep in mind that you can still maintain a fulfilling and active personal and intimate life. Once you have your outbreaks under control, you can life your life to the fullest extent.

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