Herbal Cure for Razor Rash and Shaving Bumps

I had developed the worst razor lumps and the most uncooperative neck bumps. I suggest we were holding the worst. I actually worked in the community for Chase bank as a loan officer. I actually have to shave or else my boss should go into a convulsion. Really not like I are in the military but she takes it just that seriously. how to get rid of razor bumps on legs

About 3 months ago I determined to save some money and shave from home. I broke out with bumps everywhere. I thought that they would vanish entirely. Boy was I wrong. It seemed like my bumps would multiply over night. Therefore i decide to buy some products from target to remove the red ones on my face and the purple ones on the back of my head. It acquired rid of a few however the majority remained. After that I traveled to Walmart to acquire some gel that my friend told me got worked.

That was a major mistake. The stuff form Walmart is called arrĂȘter and it did absolutely nothing. It stained my shirt. The worst part was once i was at work clients would always ask “do you smell that”. I would reply no. I finally determine they were talking about that tea tree smell from the bump stopper product I used to be using. I despise browsing doctor, but truly the razor rash was too bad that We did not have a decision. I visited an epidermis clinic in downtown Colorado after work.

She explained that the must were normally and that they were reversible. She offered me a sample of bump mud. I used the bump mud companies within two weeks all of my neck lumps were gone and We had a little razor blade bumps left in the folds of my chin. To get rid of those skin explained to apply aloe vera carbamide peroxide gel. I purchased some of that from Whole Foods and it has worked to clear the remainder and eliminate the scars.

To keep the bumps at bay I ordered the bumpmud direct from their website and save 20 dollars. 00 by not purchasing it from the pores and skin clinic. I make use of it after I shave and i also have not got any bumps resurface. My spouse and i call it face rezzou. It does not tingle and i also are so happy. Ensure that you make use of it everyday and especially before bedtime for the best results.

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