Five Things You Can Add To Your Office During Renovation

No person starts a business seeking to remain small. That is every capitalist’s fantasy that his business expands so that he can get more profit. Along with business growth is the need for office expansion and that requires renovation. When renovating your office, you just avoid add space for more employees, you also need to add some amenities that will help create a happy and inspiring workplace. Here are some facilities you may want to add to your office as you broaden it. corporate interior design singapore

1 ) Convention room

Conference room is important because an specific want your entire employees to listen to your confidential meetings with your managers. A sound-proof conference room would be adequate to prevent any eavesdroppers from hearing what you and your managers are talking about. You can even use this conference room when talking to a solitary employee in private. If perhaps you add a wall structure mounted screen and projected in the conference room, you can put it to use as an audio-visual room, too.

2. Canteen

Having canteen in your office is great as it would indicate that your employees may have to go away to buy food during their break. That may reduce the number of employees being released in late from lunch break. Naturally, the canteen should be positioned in an area where it will not bother the employees while working.

3. More toilets

Having more employees means you may need more washroom and toilets. You can’t afford the reduction of productivity because employees are waiting to use the toilet. At least two washrooms males and two washrooms for ladies should be located in your office. Employee comfort is one of the individuals of business.

4. Locker room

If you no longer want your employees to bring their phones and other things at work, you can give them a locker room. Ahead of going to the development floor, they can leave their mobile phones, makeup kits and other personal belongings in the locker room safely. Locker rooms may take some space so make sure that you have enough area for them.

5. Community hall area for employees

Having a lounge area for employees allows them to take small breaks at work to help these groups recharge or find creative inspiration outside their workstations. Companies like Yahoo are recognized for having fun and unconventional community hall areas or play areas for their employees to help boost creativity.

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