Farmville Tips and Strategies – The Best Approach to Mastering the Game

Fine, so you’ve become infatuate of the Farmville game played online by countless Facebook users around the world. Now you want to become excellent at the game right? Very well, there are good strategies out there and bad ones too, but the best Farmville approach is the the one which maximizes what you can do with respect to the 3 main elements of your game. Money master the game

These ingredients are experience points, coins and time, although not automatically in that order. Period features course a guide to how much time you have available to you to devote to participating in this game. 

Gold money are what you comes from harvesting and providing crops and they are also what you need to expend in order to buy seeds and other items within the game.

Experience points are gained by you when you perform tasks like ploughing, planting and harvesting. They are really important because the higher your level, the more options you have with respect to planting and the more you can do with what you have. Whenever you gain the necessary number of experience points, you will get a level.

Therefore, your goal should to be to level up quickly. You should gain levels as quickly as possible while still simultaneously making sure that you manage your hard earned money properly and maximize the efficiency of your farms within the time that you have available.

One example of how this works has to do with planting seeds. Different seed have different times for growing and harvesting. In case your time commitment means that you can only sign into your account once a day, you should plant something that boosts your gold and experience points within the situation of harvesting once every day. There’s no point selecting a harvesting time smaller than that since you can’t log last to take advantage, so efficiency and optimization within those three factors is the best Farmville approach.

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