Fake Facebook Email Infected With Trojan

Is going to you be addicted to Facebook? Beware!

Because MX Lab, a security organization, detected a new alternative of Bredolab Trojan horses attached with a fake “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” email. Some users claim that the email originates from “The Facebook Team” the place that the sender’s email address is displays as “service@facebook. junto de. ” Unfortunately, the address and sender were concealed. how to get someones ip address from facebook

The said email is served with an accessory named “Facebook_Password_4cf91. zip”, also includes the file Facebook_Password_4cf91. exe” and contains the new Facebook password of the user. When you run the file, it could cause destruction on your computer. According to MX Lab, Trojan horses Bredolab executes files from the Internet such as rogue anti-spyware. It is just a destructive Malware that injects their own code into reputable processes svchost. exe and explorer. exe to circumvent firewalls. It also consists of anti-sandbox code which allows Bredolab to stop by itself when an external program investigates its actions. 

M86 Security, another security watchdog, said that Bredolab may just sneak into the computer of the end user but also downloads a bot called Pushdo. Pushdo will immediately start sending junk email out more Facebook username and password reset emails. Facebook described that the email that contain the virus is not coming from them. Regarding to them, they will never send users a new password as add-on. They advised you to immediately have their pcs run a virus search within. Facebook users should be careful with an imitation email disguising as a Facebook password reset email containing an attachment of the new password but in reality, contains a virus.

Facebook is one of the most popular online communities worldwide. With these fake and contaminated Facebook emails spreading around, users must be careful in opening and downloading it malicious emails and parts.

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