Essential Oils – How is the Vita Flex Technique Used With Essential Oils?

By simply definition, Vita Flex means “vitality through the reflexes. ” The term was termed by Stanley Burroughs who studied oriental medication and brought the approach to the West. That is a specialized strategy that uses a running and releasing of the fingers to effectively switch on reflex points on the feet. There are you, 400 known Vita Contract points throughout the individuals body. This method promotes good health by supply and supporting the body’s self-regulating system while assisting the entire body in the healing process. The idea of Vita Flex is dependent on the idea that the body is piezoelectric, meaning that when a slight pressure is applied to the body surface, a voltage is made and electric charges move accordingly. The power made are thought to be of therapeutic value. vitalaze stress relief supplement review

Seeing that Vita Flex correlates to the neurological approach to the body, it is a perfect match with the Raindrop Technique. Necessary oils actually enhance the energy as specific contact points are stimulated on the feet. This electric powered impulse stimulates neurological activity, allowing energy to be restored. Toxins, damaged tissues, and oxygen deprivation cause deterioration and impaired proof function. Each of these conditions can be resolved through the power of Raindrop Technique, Vita Contract and essential oils. 

May You Do Vita Bend on Yourself?

I discovered this technique along with Raindrop many years before. I now use the Vita Flex on the feet in conjunction with the Raindrop on the spine. Vita Flex is actually very easy to perform all on your own feet along with the essential essential oils. It is a type of stimulation that is not hard and does not damage. Besides, the aroma of the fundamental oils is most pleasing and relaxing.

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