Current Scenario of Handmade Paper Industry in India

The handmade paper industry in India made its creation in 14th century. The industry tasted a rate of growth under Indian monarchs, but suffered heavily under United kingdom rule during 18th and 19th century. At some point throughout the freedom have difficulties, the industry was again given support by Mahatma Gandhi. Now after self-reliance it has been reinforced and promoted by the federal government. paper bags manufacturer

Indian paper industry is a vast industry containing more than 157 paper-producing divisions all over India. These 157 functional products together manufacture handmade newspaper worth around Rs. 21 years old crores and supplies employment to approximately 10, 000 people. Sanganer village is the biggest center in european India humming on the rhythm of requirements of paper making activities. This kind of village is popular for developing its own special varieties of paper that are named as every their properties and different usages like Do Rohi, Ishwar Sahi, and so forth India is a pool of skilled manufacturers who use an variety of raw materials to make impeccable quality made by hand papers. One such group of Indian artisans is ‘Kagzi Puras’ who are making paper products from generations. All paper products are eco-friendly and same is their manufacturing process. Another advantage it has is the fact there is no such big difference between the price tag on mill-made standard papers. Paper is produced mainly by recycling agro waste like banana, jute, straw and cotton cloths is available in the form of tailor cutting, hosiery slicing etc. Tamilnadu, Kanpur and Mumbai will be the major locations from where these uncooked materials are collected and huge manufacturing units for paper are planted.

Generally there isn’t much capital required for the availability of handmade papers. Consequently, it becomes easier for local entrepreneurs to establish their industry especially in country areas. Paper industry in India has established lasting livelihood in rural areas. This industry has helped making employment for the local population especially for women to earn their livelihood. The handmade newspaper industry has emerged as a diversified and specialised industry that produces in-numerous types of papers that will come in various use such as watermark, filter newspaper, drawing sheets, etc. Various other products including Paper Carriers, paper Diaries, paper Photography Frames, Greeting Cards, Hand made paper Boxes, paper Collections, etc, are created and exports across the globe. Today, the Indian exporters export practically Rs. 400 crores worthy of of products per year to the developed countries.

Handmade papers are exclusive and attractive but they have great tensile power. These do not burst open or tear easily unlike mill papers. Also, it doesn’t turn brittle as it ages. Today, vast majority of the surprise and craft items are made from handmade paper. The popularity is increasing day by day due to inbuilt qualities it has. Handmade paper has limitless possibilities to accomplish.

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