Corporate Jet Owners Don’t Want to Be Tracked Either – Surprised?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a wannabe private researcher and she was deceased set on going after corporate criminals. Of course private investigators use all the tools at their disposal, and a few of them who are less than scrupulous do not always the actual code of carry out seen to private eyes. On the other hand, today there is a ton of information online, and big data can care for the rest. All of us shouldn’t be so unexpected that corporate executives avoid much like being followed, but let’s just covers we might.

Obviously, many voters and Internet users of networks are quite worried with all of the data tracking these times. They are worried that wherever they go using their cell phones they are being GPS’ed and monitored perhaps for reasons of marketing and advertising, but that doesn’t make it any more ethical. A large number of of these corporate business owners, and the wealthy 1% don’t much appreciate having their corporate jet travel arrangements tracked either. Oh, you didn’t hear about that? 

Well, there was an interesting article in this long debate and tale which was published in the Wall Street Diary in the past on April 20, 2013 titled; “Why Aircraft Owners Don’t Want to Be Tracked, ” by Mark Maremont and Jeff McGinty. The article observed that many activists were tracking oil company management, and we’ve also read before where investors were tracking corporate executives to see which cities they visited. Perhaps they might have flown to a city where there are numerous corporate headquarters, and this might give the investors or stock exchange players an idea of which companies they might be investing in.

This of course gives the stock investors an unfair edge because whatever the focus on merger and acquisition might be, their stock might rise drastically. There’s money to be made there. Then there are also challenges with terrorism, and kidnappings. If a company jet from General Motor, General Electric, Boeing, Dow chemicals, or any of the oil companies is going to a particular airport terminal in a specific country, those arrival times would be known because they will file a flight plan with the Federal Modern aviation Administration. If all of that was made open public record, the terrorists or kidnappers could be waiting around to kidnap the business executives and have one for ransom.

Interestingly enough, you and I are more concerned about someone checking us to offer us advertising or performing a little marketing, or perhaps the ongoing future of the Gestapo where government becomes more like the ideas portrayed in the movie 1984. Everyone has different reasons for not dreaming to be tracked. A large number of movie stars, sports sports athletes, and even racecar individuals (as this article pointed out) are quite concerned with the overzealous paparazzi and followers trying to get autographs or impede their moves.

It’s serious business, in particular when considering corporate jet and private jet itineraries. Not any wonder the aviation sector is up in forearms about allowing all of this information to become public. Indeed I really hope you will please consider all this and think upon it.

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