Closer To Truth: God Almighty Revisited

There exists an ongoing PBS TELEVISION series called “Closer to Truth”. It can be hosted by neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He’s featured in one on one interviews and panel discussion posts with the cream of the cream of present cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and so out on all of the Big Questions surrounding a trilogy of broad subject areas – Cosmos; Consciousness; Interpretation. Here are a few really my comments on subjects that cover the concept of an Right God. here

How does Our god Correspond with the World?

Permit me address that part that asks “does Our god ever make special concours into the world, usually known as ‘miracles’? very well IMHO, miracles are The lord’s correction fluid or white-out or liquid paper. This has been said that prevention is better than cure, so if The almighty, our all-knowing, all-powerful, Goodness, abided by that idea, then He would take action to prevent something alternatively than allowing that something to happen then needing to cure it at a later date with a wonder. For example, a common miracle is often considered to having survived an ‘Act of God’. If perhaps God hadn’t of started that ‘Act of God’ in the first place there would have recently been no need for the miracle. Might it not have been better for God to have avoided that motor vehicle car accident rather than have the victim survive via a miracle? Then there are all those miraculous medical miracles. Rather than Goodness curing someone’s inoperable tumor, wouldn’t it have recently been better for God to acquire prevented the emergence of the cancer in the first place? Talking about medical miracles, is’t it amazing that some wonders never appear to come to pass, like how about all of those thalidomide babies never having their stumps regenerate into completely functional limbs – ditto for amputees. Simply by the way, unless Now i am mistaken, no supernatural magic has ever been noted, written up and printed as a peer-reviewed article in a scientific diary. Probability theory notes that the improbable (although not the impossible) can happen. When something that can happen, but happen only extremely rarely, actually happens, the very improbability than it lends itself to those most intimately concerned to loosely throw around the word “miracle”. If real supernatural miracles happen, really not a mark for God’s compassion and rationality but His irrationality.

Does indeed God Intervene in Man Affairs?

There have recently been no reliable reports of God strutting His products here on Earth since those Old Testament information, and I’m not so sure how reliable they may be. As God hasn’t apparently shown His face throughout over 2000 years, you need to ask what is God so afraid of that He’s not prepared or able to appear into existence in the skies over Manhattan, for instance, and chuck around a thunderbolt or two just to let all of us know He’s still around, willing and capable to punch some irreligious butt. Alright, I know some extreme religious fundamentalists like to mention that every ciclón, every hurricane, every earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, every thunderstorm and lightning reach is God intervening in human affairs and demonstrating His wrath and extreme displeasure along with his creation. Difficulty One: why hide at the rear of Mother Nature’s skirts? So why not only zap the first born like He do in Ancient Egypt? Issue Two: If there was something unnatural about these Serves of God then they could have much more credibility. I actually mean God, being Our god and all, may cause a hurricane to form over Midwestern Canada. God may cause a wave of tornadoes in Alaska in January. God could send down a blizzard to engulf Miami in August. Our god might lead to a massive earthquake where no earthquake has ever been reported before, or God may cause a volcano to erupt in down-town Boston. No, Serves of God appear to follow the natural meteorological and geological parameters established down by Mother Characteristics, year in, and season out. God is not original. God does not think and act exterior of the box. Additionally it is amusing to note how those spared victims of Acts of God say thanks to God for sparing them from the disaster This individual submitted the first place. You’d feel that rather than offering thanks, the victims who were spared would give God the Big Quick for having sent an Act of God their way and ruining their day.

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