Being a Mumpreneur Vs Being an Entrepreneur

Besides having a screaming kid clinging to her while she types up a business proposal, a Mumpreneur is quite a different creature from a typical entrepreneur. I have received my great number of snickers and stifled fun when I introduce personally as a Mumpreneur. In Asia, this new ‘corporate organism’ is still a fairly new concept for many business people. I actually attend courses and training courses that teach entrepreneurship. My spouse and i network with entrepreneurs for business opportunities. I even partner entrepreneurs on decided on business ventures. (And no! They don’t carry their daughters/ sons for our business meetings. )

Yet always at the rear of my mind, I understand being a Mumpreneur places me in a different spot. A different category of its own, which I actually have found embrace for its advantages empreendedorismo materno

For starters, We get to have a “Daughter Day” every a couple weeks. That’s time I put aside for my 2 year-old. I am not scared to announce it to my business partners, who seem to be both envious and amused. I celebrate work-family balance as a Mumpreneur and 4 working times (out of 22) is a good ratio to dedicate to family. On ‘Daughter Day’, I don’t take calls; don’t answer email messages nor attend business group meetings. Most business contacts recognize and respect basically (since I am a MUMpreneur) and usually work around my schedule. 

Mumpreneurs buy the chance to put pictures that belongs to them children on their site/ blog/ twitter site, without compromising on a professional image. Instead, if used in the appropriate context, personal sharing of certain information stands to help. One of the Mumpreneurs I support, offers organic and natural skincare products for children. Her 4-year old daughter is the “face” of her product. While she conducts her outreach programme to schools in Singapore, she is terribly which her own trust and belief in the product’s benefits have greatly helped her to persuade audience. Her own child is the foremost testimonial of the product’s benefits.

Every since jumping on the Mumpreneur bandwagon, I have come to observe and appreciate the growing Mumpreneurs’ network on cyberspace. A simple Search will prove my point. Facebook pages of Mumpreneurs who add the other person as fans or friends are proof of a group determined to be pillars of support for just one another. Instead of the usual competition that one sees with entrepreneurs, there appears to be an unspoken desire to help the other person do well. (And no, they may accept Dads in these networks. )

Most of all, being a Mumpreneur means that we have to be creative. Business people need creative imagination in building business solutions. Mumpreneurs need to be creative with the business model, with our time, with our goals and with the skills. Not all mothers build online or home businesses depending on the skills they have. In fact, quite a sizable number turn to online businesses that they had no previous contact with. Accountants with a web based bakery, PR consultants converted jewellery-designers, Doctors who design and sew baby shoes, Lawyers with an increased passion in hat making. (Etsy. com has the fair share of such talent)

Creativity with Time-management is important for Mumpreneurs, as we will no longer have an excuse. “Please mind Debbie, I need to work overtime” won’t go down well with the partners, since our business was started (in the first place) so we could have work-family balance.

Previous but not least, Mumpreneurs are fuelled by a different set of dreams and goals. Most of us do not design a business that could be sold off, that can acquire funding from a lender or be considered by venture capitalists. Most moms who choose to be a Mumpreneur accomplish that because they want more adaptable time with their children. Profits are very important, but unlike other entrepreneurs, it’s the maternal love that started out the business, propels it forward and keeps it going. And therein, is situated all the difference.

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