Android L vs iOS 8

The earth needs no intro about the rivalry between iOS and Android smart telephones. While the applications and facilities provided by both Android and iOS working systems is a great deal different from the other person, but the world smart mobile phone consumer bottom gets greatly damaged with each new launch from these leaders. While iOS devices are known for their high- end modern smart cell phones, the Android operating system made it easy for the people to have gain access to all advanced systems at a variety of affordable prices. android

Every time a new device from either of this companies is introduced in the market, depends upon eagerly makes side by side comparisons together. This trend is being followed for the last few years and will not seem to be to end anytime soon. While using release of Android L as well as iOS almost eight in the coming land, this rivalry is anticipated to get a new increase and the famous conflict between those two is surely heading to bloom. 

Looking at this persisting rivalry, how can we stop ourself from making comparisons between Android L and iOS 8? Without wasting anymore time, let us take a closer look at Android L (running on Nexus 5) and iOS 8 (running on i phone 5S).

Lock Screens and Home Screens

Looking at the lock screen of Android os L, it has recently been through some commendable changes. Earlier we had to pull down the display from the top in order to study the warns, but now you notice the notifications right in the middle of the screen. This feature, for some reason, seems to have recently been adopted from iOS. By simply double- tapping a notice in Android L, that particular software will get launched and in order to dismiss it, all you need to do is swipe it to either of both the attributes. While a swipe on iOS 8 may be used to reply to an email or for marking it as READING. These features are well- justified in both Android os L and iOS almost 8.

In iOS, the warning announcement light will be on for long enough so that the user can read the message, while in Android L the RGB notification light will go off. Also, there is a shortcut to the Phone application present on the lock display screen of Android L, something which is not there on iOS 8. Although the camera application is out there on the lock displays of both Android M and iOS 8.

Oddly enough, iOS 8 has room for third- party icons in its notification area, during your time on st. kitts is no such accessibility in Android L. While a consumer, this is going to surprise the near future users of Android L. By simply pulling down the notice panel in iOS almost 8, users can get gain access to these third- get together widgets.

Distinctively, the home screens in both Google android L and iOS almost eight have been kept similar to their earlier variations. Android L is a great choice for folks who want to personalize their androids and iOS eight is excellent for folks who want the individualized look, but with a touch of simplicity.

Contacts, Keyboard, Autodialer

Its keyboard counterpart in Android L has recently been slightly modified but completely, it is no totally different from a regular keyboard that we have earlier used on Android devices. Every one of the features, such as auto- correct, emoticons and phrase prediction are incredibly much an integral part of Android L. But Apple has proficiently included very impressive word- predictions in iOS 8. The circumstance and purpose of the ongoing conversation is recognized by developed, which then makes some really smart predictions.

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