Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance

Car accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance (ASU) will ensure you have a monthly income if you are unable to work if you are off work for any particular reason – for instance, are made unnecessary or have a major accident. DET Faglige HUS

This cover can be known as Mortgage Repayment Protection Insurance (MPPI), as the monthly installments tend to cover mortgage repayments too, However, benefits are only purchased 1 or two years because so many claimants are able to find work again after this time. 

You are, in simple fact capable to claim state benefits if you become laid-off, nevertheless they don’t amount to much. Also, if you are unable to work through accident or sickness, to claim state benefits you could be asked to complete some Work Capability checks to check that you are fit to work.

Accident, Sickness and Joblessness Insurance is the foremost way to maintain your current quality lifestyle should you be incapable to work.

There are many different combinations of policies – you can acquire Crash and Sickness only, joblessness only or have all combined. There will be a waiting period (sometimes known as a deferment period) with ASU, which is the time you have to wait before acquiring your benefit. You can choose to await either 30, 60 or 80 days, but of course, this will affect the level of your regular premium.

ASU Insurance will not cover any type of sickness or accident. To get example, stress and backside problems are not protected and neither are any AIDS related illnesses or conditions related to normal pregnancy. Similarly, problems scheduled to drug or liquor abuse are certainly not covered. You can also find it difficult to get insurance if you have a dangerous job.

Premiums for being out of work insurance are generally not that high (with some policies you pay less than? 10 per month), although it is better to discuss your options with a reliable insurance agent, and look around to get the best deals. As you may have realised, there are a lot of different options accessible to customers, and you need to be sure your policy is focused on your own particular requirements.

If you are between 18 and 60 years of age, and you are an UK person, then you may apply for income insurance however, you must be in regular work for at least of sixteen hours each week.

How to Buy Property in France

Investing in property can be a complex and stressful experience particularly if you’re looking to acquire property abroad. The process of buying property overseas varies from the UK. The following guide will help you understand the process of buying property in France.

By using a Trustworthy Estate Agent to Come across ideal Home

In Portugal all estate agents must hold something called a ‘Carte Professionelle’. This license allows them to sell property. It is illegitimate to do this without one. Just before proceeding with a sales it is highly recommended to ask to see the agents Cart Professionelle to ensure they meet the required standard. 

Searching for the ideal property in another country can be difficult if you are based in another country. There are numerous online based People from france Property Specialists available who give you a convenient French property person to help narrow down your search. They’ll also work closely with you and arrange viewing and offer information.

Making an Offer on a Real estate

When you’ve found your ideal home, made an offer and had it accepted the next stage is to sign an opening contract. This is called a ‘Compromis de Vente’ which is a lawfully binding document that declares the facts of the property, the sale, the decided price, those involved and any conditional clauses that either party want to include. If necessary employ consult with a translator to help decipher the details of the contract.

The Cooling Off Period

In France when you have signed the ‘Compromise De Vente’ there is a 7 day cool down period. Found in this time either get together can pull out of someone buy without apprehension of losing their put. Once the cooling off period has passed the buyer would forfeit their deposit if they later decide to pull away of the sale.

A deposit will be expected at this stage which is usually about 10% of the properties sale price.

The Conveyancing Period

Found in France the next level is the conveyancing process. This phase of the buying process will take about 3 months to complete. It’s carried out by precisely what is called the ‘Notaire’. The Notaire is a kind of legal professional that is employed by french Authorities to ensure property or land sales are dealt with appropriately and that all fees are paid.

Last Payment and Contracts

When the conveyancing process has recently been completed the ultimate payment is made to the Notaire. The deed of sales or ‘Acte De Vente’ is signed by both buyer and seller. The Notiare will then give the new owners the ‘Attestation De Vente’ with the final ownership documents being posted about 6th months later.

Although the property buying process usually takes longer than in the UK it’s fairly right forward as long as you employ confer with a professional agent, legal professional of course, if needed translator. These people should be able to help and advise you of the finer items of successfully buying a property in France.

Joomla specialist in the Netherlands

This blog article is writtin in Dutch, if you want the English version about this blog artcile you always can contact me. If you contact me i’ll provide you the English version for free.If you have any further questions you always can contact me.


In dit blog artikel ga ik het hebben over een webshop die draait op Joomla. Joomla wordt gebruikt door miljoenen organisaties. Dankzij het gebruiksgemak, de talrijke mogelijkheden en flexibiliteit kiezen vele ondernemers voor Joomla. Het is namelijk goed te gebruiken voor zowel eenvoudige als zeer complexe websites.


Joomla is een open source systeem. Een voordeel hiervan is dat de community achter het systeem erg groot is en zorgt dat de software goed onderhouden wordt en dat er continue verbetering en progressie wordt geboekt in de software. Software updates worden dan ook regelmatig beschikbaar gesteld door de community. Deze community bestaat uit: testers, programmeurs en gebruikers. Door het enorme gebruik van Joomla kunnen bugs en beveiligingslekken snel gedecteerd en opgelost worden.


Ik heb zelf 13 webshops laten maken door een professioneel bedrijf die ik via Google heb gevonden. Toen ik aan het zoeken was naar een Joomla specialist in Nederland kwam ik terrecht bij Jdezign. Jdezign heeft me goed geholpen en heeft met behulp van CMS geweldige webshops neergezet die volledig naar smaak en wens zijn. Op dit moment draaien de webshops zo goed dat ik mijn huidige functie als directeur heb kunnen opzeggen. Het passieve inkomen dat ik genereer door de succesvolle webshops in Joomla hebben mijn leven een stuk makkelijker gemaakt.


Ben je op zoek naar een echte Joomla specialist dan zou ik zeker eens contact opnemen met bovenstaande partij. Ik heb er zelf er veel plezier van en ze zijn altijd voor je klaar. Door hun expertise kunnen ze je ook advies geven die precies aansluit bij jou wensen.


Ik hoop je hiermee voldoende geïnformeerd te hebben wat Joomla is en waar je eventueel terecht kunt als je op zoek bent naar een Joomla specialist. Indien je nog meer vragen hebt kun je mij altijd mailen. Ik wens iedereen succes toe en deel graag mijn succes met andere. Keep up the good work en onthou, Joomla is het beste CMS tot op heden.